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The customs spores

  • Spores with custom organs on questions of adjustment of custom cost.
  • Representative office in custom organs on other questions.
  • Representative office in courts at consideration of businesses about violation of administrative legislation.


It is not a secret that a custom behaves to those public organs which always play on the rules, even if these rules quite not fully correspond with the law. The blanks of customs legislation are often interpreted customs officials as arguments in the benefit and spores, arising up in the field of custom relations, are related to prejudgement or incompetence of employees of custom organs.

The legal adjusting of custom activity is characterized the far of подзаконных acts, published custom organs. Often such normative acts duplicate each other, on occasion there are blanks in the legal adjusting, and sometimes there are mutually contradicting acts. Accordingly, custom spores behave to one of the tangled categories of cases. For achievement of positive result in such spores deep specialization is required exactly on similar businesses.

But, for the participants of FEA there is a good new: in most cases custom organs are inclined to decide nascent spores, not taking business to the court.

The folded practice of permission of custom disputes testifies that judicial bodies mostly become on defence of interests exactly of businessman.

However, for permission of custom dispute in behalf on a client it is necessary to possess sufficient knowledges and experience in the indicated sphere and to know about the correct going near the decision of problem.

Large experience of practical work of our specialists gives such possibilities.

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