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Our philosophy

In the second half of the twentieth century began the so-called "Age of packaging." The manufacturer is interested in mass production of goods. A quality product is now replaced by the coloring of candy wrappers.

Advertising Industry has made this same kind of ersatz religion of advertising for many consumers. Chronic exposure to advertising on the mind of man leads to the fact that many consumers, the choice of services or goods are guided not by the quality and the "promoted brand" and the packaging. Thus, the advertising industry has reached what may be called if not the zombie, then certainly the manipulation of the mind!

In English, the word "Buzzwords." This so-called, "a special kind of new words and Speech designs are often used in business, propaganda and professional experience to provide awareness of the speaker and to give way to something of importance, uniqueness and originality. "

The Russian language is the term translated as "Fashion of speech." Although we prefer the literal translation of "buzzing word" or "word-crackers."

In fact, this is one of the manifestations of advertising. Only in this case it is not the advertising of goods or services, and self-promotion of the respective mega-specialists.

Now many papers, reports, speeches are full of words, just crackers. It seems that such speech coming from the people of genius. However, for the beautiful packaging, grandiloquent speeches lies a void. The emptiness that is worth the money! And oddly enough, it works.

This phenomenon has reached serious proportions and can not be underestimated!. Like the advertising of goods, such mega-specialists are very good at "nail in the head" to its customers. It should be noted that some managers prefer to get the "runaround beautifully packaged, why not do" instead of finding real solutions.

Our setting is not to "turn off" the customer with "word-crackers." Noise effects, we oppose impeccable logic, clarity and quality of all the schemes of work.

We are not specialists in linguistics, but our own specialists working in English.

We do not as a cornerstone of the style of speech and expression ornateness. However, it is our professional and convincing.

We do not use the services of experts in the proofreading in order to "pack" our product is in a nice wrapper. However, our attention is focused on the legal nature of events and facts, as well as in jurisprudence.

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