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Legal accompaniment of transactions with the real estate

Anyone who intends to acquire real estate, appealed for help to realtors. However there is a question in this situation: «And as far as is rieltor conscientious?». In fact it is not a secret that at rieltor the task: quickly to complete a transaction and get the reward.

We are not a rieltor of company. We do not offer to you to purchase or sell the real estate. We will not you recommend one or another rieltor also. We do not pursue a purpose, to get a reward from a transaction. Our task is a legal cleanness of transaction.

The real estate, which buildings, lot lands behave to, is the important element of economic turn. Similar objects possess a high cost and often become the object of different disputes. In addition, registration of rights on the real estate, and also an order is carried out them on the special rules. For this reason legal services of professionals are needed for accompaniment of transactions with the real estate.

Our legal services boutique escort real estate transactions:

  1. analysis of contractual relations with realtors.
  2. Check title documents for real estate. Check availability of all necessary documents.
  3. Legal examination and evaluation of documents and the status of the property, checking the purity of the history of the object (due diligence).
  4. Analysis of complex projects
  5. contracts for the disposal of real estate including foreign-trained lawyers. Issuance of legal opinions.
  6. Participation in negotiations with contractors (realtors, sellers, buyers).
  7. Evaluation of the negotiations. Determination of the legal positions of the parties. Risk assessment of the client.
  8. Advice on real estate transactions.
  9. Drafting contracts of sale, exchange, gift, rent, lease, contracts of assignment of claims, mortgage and deposit.
  10. Development of methods of purchasing property, including through direct purchase and acquisition of shares in the authorized capital (shares).
  11. Maintenance of state registration of real estate.
  12. Doing business in the court of claims for recognition of contracts of sale, exchange, gift invalid.
  13. Termination of contracts of sale, exchange, donation.
  14. Representation in litigation on the ownership of the property.
  15. Legal services for the protection of the interests in the controversy over the mortgaged property.
  16. Legal services for the protection of the interests in disputes between landlords and tenants of real estate.
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