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Corporate Law

What is corporate Law?

A corporate law is the system of the legal adjusting of creation and activity of corporations. A corporate law is characterized the wide scope of different norms, and similarly by combination, both private and public methods of adjusting of the proper legal relationships. To the corporate law it is possible to take a legislation about joint-stock companies, about the companies limited liability, about cooperative stores, civil legislation in part touching and other great deal.

At the moment, no one produced "iron" recipes asset protection. Changing economic situation, the domestic legislation of the Russian Federation, the national legislation of foreign states, the general trends in the world that affect the technology, first forced transfer of property and, therefore, how to protect property owners.

From here flows out logically, that complication of corporate law is conditioned that it is not selected in the separate field of law, and is a synthesis of separate legal institutes from the different fields of law

It is necessary to understand a corporate law in two senses:

1. In wide sense a corporate law is a body corporate and politic of laws, economic societies and associations, their mutual relations, regulative the order of creation and activity with shareholders/participants, and similarly difficult complex of relations of shareholders/participants between itself.

2. In narrow sense a corporate law is the system governed, set an owner or administration of commercial organization and regulative legal relationships into this organization. Takes measures on his minimization or complete prevention.

To whom and why are corporate lawyers needed?

In the conditions of exit of the Russian economy from shade, all more companies need legalization of the activity. If a company is created on the protracted term, with understanding, such company in the activity is under an obligation to carry out the whole complex of measures, managed the norms of corporate law.

For the decision of nascent tasks in area of corporate legal relationships, the leader of company can attract an or internal lawyer, or specialists on autsorsing.

However, workings on enterprises legal advisers are more frequent specialized on support of everyday activity of enterprise: contractual work, labour relations, other current questions.

We do not offer a substitute for an internal legal department. The complex problems that we undertake to decide, not included in the daily activities of the enterprise.

Attracting the specialized organization, a leader labours for a decision simultaneously of a few problems:

• Works of the whole state of the strictly specialized lawyers, carrying out the permanent monitoring of development of corporate legislation and judicial practice. Constantly containing such specialists on an enterprise is very expensive.

• Speeds and qualities of implementation of the proper works.

• Providing of confidentiality of the proper works.

It is necessary to have because of, that unlike majority so-called «nishevykh» firms, offerings quickly and at acceptable price to «purchase the prepared firm» our boutique will be offered by the decision of problem of customer taking into account his specific necessities.

We are distinguished by the individual going near the decision of every task: be that organization of economic society from a zero, or decision of present problem on an already existent enterprise. By other words, on an output, a client gets the pressed not products, but handwork.


  • complex decision problems for the accreditation of representative offices of foreign companies.
  • Legal aid in the creation of business entities, when you change the size of the share capital, changing the ratio of shares / number of shares of the participants / shareholders;
  • Legal transactions in stocks (shares) of the company, including the development of a complete package of documents for processing the transaction.
  • Advice for creation and reorganization of the holding companies with complex capital structure;
  • Advice on regulation of the relations of parent and subsidiary companies;
  • design the optimal structure of the company's management.
  • Development of intra
  • documents regulating the activity:
    • provision for a general meeting of shareholders / participants;
    • position on the Board of Directors;
    • position on the Audit Commission;
    • a contract with the CEO;
    • job descriptions;
    • development of regulations on the conduct of the register of shareholders.
    • others.
  • Advice on procedure of preparation and holding of general meetings of shareholders / members, as well as the board of directors.
  • help in the preparation and delivery of the mandatory annual reporting company, in the mandatory disclosure of information.
  • organization and documentation of the shares (or other securities of the company).

A separate set of issues are friendly and unfriendly mergers and acquisitions. For more information on these issues, see "Due Diligence" and "Corporate conflicts."

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