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Thank you for your interest in our internet representation.

Our practice focuses on legal services and protection of Russian business-established results. This means that the save is not earned easily than money. At the request of those who have, to save, we offer legal assistance on issues asset protection and structuring of business holdings.

Our proposal is not for those looking for cheaper options. Cheapness - not our distinguishing feature. We do not do "everything, and for cheap." According to our philosophy, we take only the jobs in which we specialize. We are distinguished by the quality and individual approach to each customer. We give the customer an objective assessment of its prospects. If a customer a losing, we did talk about it directly.

experience gained in difficult circumstances more than 20 years, established partnerships in Russia and abroad, enable us to confidently enter the market with their offerings.

We hope that this article will help you to better navigate the mass of offers legal services in the market.

We once again thank you for the attention paid to our site and we hope that our proposal has caused you concern. If so, call, come all to discuss.

With respect to you and your business.

Managing Partner, Mr Sizonenko

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Legal assistance in corporate conflicts
Corporate Law
Due diligence for mergers and acquisitions
Asset Protection
Legal support of transactions with real estate
Customs disputes

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