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What is legal boutique?

In force of universal globalization, in the different spheres of economy more actively there are multinational corporations. Did not become an exception and activity on providing of legal services. Trend of the last decades was become by creation, so-called, «legal supermarkets», transnational legal firms-giants, where the amount of lawyers is calculated in tens and even by hundreds.

From other side legal services offer private practicing advocates.

As giants, private practicing advocates offer to the clients the «complete complex of services». In different cases, such suggestions reflect the capabilities of the proper players of market more or less really. Advocates are in Russia, frequently still possess the outmoded «general» practice: from criminal cases, divorce processes and to «complex accompaniment of business».

However, in connection with overwhelming complication right, classic chart, when a man, appealing to the advocate, gets deep consultations and help on all of spectrum of problems, leaves in the pas. Presently, swiftly a tendency collects force to narrow specialization of lawyers. Certainly, universal specialists remain, but if a client wants to get high-quality services assuredly, he need the strictly specialized consultants exactly. Exactly this feature of legal sphere dictates some withdrawals from a general tendency to enlargement.

In row of the European countries, in spite of crisis, new small legal firms are opened, compelling nervous large companies which experience unfavorable in a financial relation times painfully enough. Due to these new firms, a revival notedly at the European legal market.

Such appearance, understanding appears what legal boutique. Break of general tendency to enlargement, in legal activity consists of creation of firms, with deep specialization in two-three and even one-way. Therefore such firms and named legal boutiques.

Tendency displacements of interest of customers toward boutiques were whipped up by the economic crisis of the last years: In spite of the fact that a price on services in a legal boutique remains at high level, however more flexible, than for the giants of market organization of process is. This circumstance helps to shorten the costs of clients.

Probably, will surprise many the circumstance that, for example, in Paris most clients prefer to work not with giants, but with small legal companies, having narrow specialization. Probably, it not very much is a good new for large legal firms.

Legal boutiques create mainly senior lawyers or partners of large companies, gone from giants. But that does allow the re-created little firms to feel confidently, despite in the everyday use opinion that in a crisis survive only large and strong? What is a secret of success of legal boutiques in?

Legal boutique differs from most legal firms the individual going near the decision of tasks of the client. The conveyer method of service of customers is not practiced here, which often meets in-process legal «supermarkets».

The «Gold» rule of consultants of бутиковых firms is that every situation their client appears in which is individual, not look like any other. By virtue of flexibility in organization of work, realization of this project a boutique much more probably, than in a «supermarket».

Other, by yet major principle of legal boutique of эксклюзивность quality of services. Work must be executed by the best appearance, therefore such firms rarely embark on the grant of services in those areas of right, in which does not have higher qualification.

To on opinion of experts, lawyers, creating small firms, simply follow the desire of target audiences to work with those consultants which are specialized only in one area. Delivered from untype practices legal boutique, concentrated exactly on those areas, where clients consider the his best.

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