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Defence of assets

What does require defence?

That is the result of Your activity, I.e. Your business, enterprises, bank accounts, personal and immovable chattels, objects of intellectual property - it that it is possible and it is needed to protect, I.e. Your assets.

On the real moment it is mined-out nobody «ferrous» recipes of defence of assets. An economic situation changes, internal legislation Russian FEDERATIONS, national legislation of the foreign states, general tendencies in the world, that influences on technology, above all things violent alienation of propert, and, accordingly, methods of defence of owners.

It is necessary to take into account that in these games an owner always is on the defensive, and defence always objectively falls behind from aggression.

It is accordingly necessary to understand that it is impossible once for all to decide the problem of defence of assets. The permanent monitoring of changes is needed, as indicated higher than tendencies and legislation.

The problem of defence of assets (Assets protection) was presently formed in international legal practice in whole industry.

Principles of defence:

Legality of all of charts. Otherwise there is a danger of the judicial challenging of charts. The last tendencies are such, that the proprietors of transparent and legal businesses, opened for public organs and contractors, become the victims of raider attacks in less degree, than proprietors of so-called "companies of shadow ".

Preventive of actions. (The done early defence is most effective); Far-sighted to look after about defence of assets always cheaper, than to contest with the consequences of violation of Your rights for a domain. The greatest danger consists not of that assets can be exposed to unfriendly absorption, and in that the proprietor of assets does not realize this risk and does not undertake a measure on his minimization or complete prevention.

Crushing of assets. At the unfolded structure of business, with the use of companies control of every element of business is needed in different jurisdictions, rather than just to the parent company.


  • Legal analysis of the situation.
  • Identification of risks from which the assets are protected.
  • Develop specific ways to protect assets.
  • Definition of legal instruments to protect the assets:
    • foreign trust;
    • offshore companies;
    • controlled by Russian companies and other schemes.
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